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Another commune with nature, another whimsical thought.

I picked up one of my beloved’s magazines from the rack. It was a traditional type of magazine, aimed I believe at ladies “of a certain age”. there are rafts of these things, given names like, Womens Weekly, Cleo, Elle, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, Womans Weekly, Womens Daily, Womans Own.
The design and layout may change, but the general format is pretty much the same.
There will be:

  • A section on knitting/crocheting or other soft material craft work
  • A section with a short story, usually with a pithy moral center.
  • A section with an interview of a well-known female personality
  • A section about recipes for various foods
  • A section about gardening
  • A section with a crossword and other simple mental pursuits.
  • A section with question and answers about health, with a subsection referring to emotional and relationship issues
  • A section about sexual matters/men’s perversions/preferences. (This is the section read most avidly by any casual male reader. In fact give most blokes one of these magazines, and some privacy and they will turn straight to this section)
  • A section about horoscopes
  • A section about special offers and a sort of classified area, all mixed together.(This is where you get the chairlift ads, and the offers about mystical objects. See my previous post from Gullible)
  • A section about home decor and interior design
  • A section on holidays (often has a special offer embedded in the article)
  • A section on book and film reviews
  • A big section on fashion and accessories

I may have missed some out, and the size of the section will vary according to each magazine’s perceived niche in the marketplace.

Most blokes have read one of these magazines at one time or another, mostly when there is absolutely nothing else to read. In a doctor’s surgery, dentist waiting room, hairdresser/barber etc. But it’s a struggle.
Given the choice between :

  1. A 20-year-old dog-eared copy of the Readers Digest
  2. A coffee-stained and torn-up copy of the Beano
  3. A Commando comic from the 70s
  4. Women’s Own, brand new and pristine.
  5. Car Sales Magazine
  6. Fishing/Hunting magazine

Most blokes would choose, in order, 6, 5, 1, 3, 2, 4.

Apart from letters/interviews about relationship problems or sexual deviancy, it mostly of non-interest to guys. It’s boring.
Oh, and before ladies think, “well at least the men read about the relationship problems, so it proves that men really do care about relationships with us.”
Not true.

Men read the relationship section for only two reasons.

The first is to check if any material of an overtly sexual nature has been published
The second is to try to figure out what the women are thinking vis-a-vis relationships. What is this whole relationship thing anyway? Honestly, most time we have absolutely no idea what thoughts (if such they are) are running through your pretty little head.

Best of Both Worlds

Guys magazine are much different, and fall into two main categories.
The specialist magazine
The Men’s Magazine

The specialist magazine contains hundreds of pieces of factual information about that particular speciality. Examples are Guns and Ammo, PC Home, Computer Games Monthly etc. These magazines are bought for educational purposes. Find out about the newest gadget, or how to fix a problem.

The other type of guy’s magazine is similar, but the main emphasis is on sex.
There may be many other sections on gadgets, holidays, interviews, jokes (always a joke section, normally of a suggestive hue)etc. Oh yes the naked or semi naked girl section, well sections mostly. Many pictures of young, mostly voluptuous girls, in various stages of dress and undress, draped artistically over cars, boats, motorcycles (always popular), computers, tanks and aeroplanes.
These images may be accompanied by some particularly asinine text, but I’m not quite sure, as I never read it anyway, and most guys won’t even be aware the text even exists.
Guys tend to focus on what they think is important. We may even tend to over-focus, which makes us less able to multi-task, but probably more able to focus on and fix problems. If you look at a bloke on a computer, he’ll be unaware of his surroundings to a greater or lesser extent. More focus.
Blokes automatically focus on girls.
Blokes actually focus on girl’s bits. Face, breasts, buttocks and legs. Sorry to disillusion you ladies out there, but blokes have brains hardwired to those areas. It’s why, even with the best of intentions, that blokes will keep looking/glancing at a girl’s breasts while they are having a conversation with them. The bigger, more roundly shaped, more visible the breasts, the more difficult it is for the bloke to maintain some sort of conversation.

Blokes just like looking at women’s bits. We can’t help it. We’re not trying to be rude or offensive, our eyes track automatically to those bits. Everytime.

So it’s apparent, from the contents of these types of magazines designed for women and the magazines for men, that there is a substantial and real difference between the sexes.
Sometimes I think it’s a small miracle that we even stay together long enough to breed, let alone bring up the kids.

But we do.
So even our major differences can be overcome, and mutual areas of interest can be developed.

The sex helps as well.


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1 Response to Women’s Own

  1. Richard (of RBB) says:

    kiwidoug, you have a genius insite into men and women.
    I stand humbled before you.

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